Crisis of HR’ is a hard truth to believe but ‘Managing HR’ is a tough job to do

sanjayThe growth rate of India is tremendously increasing year by year and developed countries like America and China is taking it as ‘Alarming’ situation for them. Everyone is looking towards India for a BIG economical Change on Global platform.
But, we often read in news papers or see on television that there is ‘Crisis of HR’ in every sector including Business, Education, Public services, and Private sectors. It does not mean that we have not enough Human Resources. We are the YOUNGEST country in the world having the highest number of employable youth and talented work-professionals. Still, the situation is always blinks the same signal – ‘Crisis of HR’…‘Crisis of HR’…‘Crisis of HR’.
It is only due to unavailability of the right persons at the right place. You have a very good Hotel but not having a good Manager or you are having a very good school/College but you don’t have sufficient qualified Faculty or you have built a very good and well equipped Hospital but don’t have good doctors are such examples. There are so many reasons behind it including financial and managerial.
I think, there are a good number of talented people in every organization according to the structure and need of that particular sector. The only need is to identify them, recognize them and utilize their talent in such a way that the overall Productivity of the Organization will be ‘Boosted’. Yes, it requires a great Managerial Skill, everybody can not handle it.
Here I am trying to give light on such small points, which demand more care in handling at the real time work conditions. If a Manager takes it in right spirit, it can be a real ‘Boon’ to his organization.
There are 11 simple steps to improve productivity of your employees-
(1.) Identify first and recognize then after the talented person without having any prior reservation about him or her. Once if you have selected anybody for any job, trust him. If you don’t, you question mark your own selection not any other else.
(2.) Think ‘Organization is first, personal issues are next.’ Here I want to quote the saying of Narayanmurthy, Chairman of Infosys , “ I am chairman , it doesn’t mean that I am higher than the policy and regulations of the company.” It’s a great saying, which reflects the Complete Philosophy working behind the World Class management of the Infosys.
Also, it is a ‘Success Mantra’ for all entrepreneurs, Businessmen and working professionals. Everyone should think and act likes it.
(3.) ‘Hierarchy’ is necessary in an organized system, but on the name of ‘Hierarchy’ don’t overlook the abilities of a ‘talented’ person. Many times a junior can do or suggest better than any senior person of your Board. ‘Seniors are always right’ is not always right. Sometimes, the inner politics damage an organization a lot, if the Manager doesn’t smell it timely. That’s why it is necessary to give right response to the right candidate.
(4.) If a person offers his services or propose some plan voluntarily and talking about some initiatives or suggest you something which is in interest of the organization, never ignore him and never see any of his personal interest in his initiatives. Give him proper response, discuss the whole thing in detail and if it is in favour of organization, go for it. You can alter, edit or change a little in his methodology or working line any time.
On the other hand, if you ignore that fellow or avoid him after his repetitive approach to you, he’ll never come forward again with any other constructive idea and initiative and it is not a good sign for an organization.
(5.) ‘Talent always demands cost.’ Give appropriate facilities, package and perks to the talented people. After all everyone is doing job for perks and comforts. If you don’t give, someone else will give. Then why don’t you?
Because the Talented persons are of the following mentality-

Hum to Dariya Hain , Humein apna Hunar Mallom Hai,
Jis taraf bhi chal padenge , Rasta Ho Jayega.

Another aspect of this point- for example, if you don’t provide a person paper and pen, how can you demand a proposal in writing from him? A person at work never demand facilities for himself, he require it for his productivity.
(6.) Remember that – ‘Retention is tougher than selection.’ When every one is crying that- ‘Crisis of HR’…‘Crisis of HR’…‘Crisis of HR’; it is very necessary to retain your selected persons rather than selecting more after loosing them. It also increases your credibility in Job Market and People will be ager to join you more and more. Specially in service sector it is very much required to have a good reputation as an ‘Employer’.
(7.) Don’t behave always like a BOSS. Behave sometimes like friends, if you want to get more out of someone. Discuss the things on his comfort level some times, it makes him feel bonded with you and ultimately with the organization. Otherwise, people will not come up with their real feelings before you.
(8.) Once, if you recognize someone as ‘Talented’, then give him freedom to work. Don’t abide him that at every step he has to take prior permission of his superiors. It simply makes him irritating and ultimately the work will suffer.
(9.) ‘Work while you work –Play while you play’ is a saying everyone is familiar with it since his childhood, but it is very much applicable and equally important in the world of elders during working of any Organized organization.
(10.) When you plan some better thing and you know that a particular person can perform it well, go and say him state forward. Give him responsibility, even then, if you have some ‘ego clashes’ with him. It definitely results in MIRACLES. You’ll have a new faithful employee.
(11.) Last but not least- ‘Be Human, not machine, when you deal with human beings.’

I think if we adopt these points, we’ll definitely improve the productivity of our HR as well as our organization. Because, ‘Crisis of HR’ is a hard truth to believe and managing HR is a tough job to do.

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